How do I start training with you?

First, click the link below and choose a plan. Then make your order and enter your goals and other information that I need to make your personalized coaching plan. Wait for the plan to be completed and prepare for some serious gains!


I ordered XYZ plan and I don't have my plans yet.

Plans are typically delivered within one week of order, if more than a week has passed since you made your order, please contact me and I will make sure that you get your coaching plan as soon as possible!


How do I tell you my goals and other information you need to make my coaching plan?

After you've made your order you will be redirected to a form where you can enter all of that information.

If you don't enter your information in the form after making the order, you will get an email reminding you to enter your info with a link that leads to where you can do so.


Can I change the information used to make my plan?

Yes, you can. But only within a short period of time after your order. If you take more than a day, there is a slim probability that the information will be changed on the plan.

You can change your information using the link in your email.

What do I get in an X week personalized training and/or diet plan?

In your personalized training plan you will get a PDF of everything that you need to do in the gym over the next X weeks to make as much progress as possible towards your goal. For example, if your biceps aren't growing as fast as the rest of your body, your plan will include extra exercises to make them grow. Doing new exercieses that your muscles aren't used to is important, so make sure to specify what you do in the gym (for example: your normal rep range) and your plan will include new things that you aren't used to so you can shake things up and make gains.

In your personalized diet plan, you will get a PDF of all of the food you need eat for the next X weeks to support what you do in the gym. If you have certain allergies or foods that you dislike, your plan won't include those foods. Your diet plan will be optomized to your body. With an incomplete description of what you do, what your goals are, and what problems you face, your diet plan won't work as well as it could, so make sure to give as much information as possible!

See the answer to "How do I give additional information?" below.

I have not recieved any confirmation email, why not?

Sometimes the emails sent out by my email servers end up in the spam folder, check there. If there is no email in your spam folder or anywhere else in your inbox, contact me.

How and when do I get my coaching plan after I order it?

When you make an order, a confirmation email is sent to the email you sign up with. Your plan will be delivered as a pdf to that email.

It is guaranteed that your plan will be delivered within a week of your order, but the plans are typically delivered 2-3 days after the order is placed.

How do I give important additional information?

On the last question of the questionnaire, you can enter in anything that you would like me to know so that you can be sure that you plan is truly right for you.